Thursday, 4 January 2018

2018 Home Training Update : Home Problem Solving or Consultation Training or Puppy Interactive Training 一到两天. 狗儿服从认厕所和好行为训练!

Home Problem Solving or Consultation Training or Puppy Interactive Training 

一到两天. 狗儿服从认厕所和好行为训练!

Our training services goes beyond Obedience & Behavioral training!
Hotline (9842 9109) 10am to 9pm

12 reasons, why "Home Puppy Interactive Training" by us:
1. Compare on what we teach and service, no one can really commit till now! (quality syllabus & unlimited follow up)
2. What you learn is not only obedience but also behavioral training, solving and prevention for bad habits or bad behavior problem(s) form happening in future!
4. No lip service or gimmick in wasting your time & money by giving more lessons but on every lesson is always doing the same thing or delay your time!
5. No collection of deposit to delay your training, will only collect the payment when lesson start.
6. In long run owners save money for basic groom and health problem(s). (grooming cost $35- $75/month & vet visit for minor problem(s) cost is $120-$250/visit) proven from all these years of services!
7. Some problem(s) are solved immediately or within a short period of time as results are proven and genuinely reply by the dog owners for “watsapp”! (not self-written testimonials by us)
8. You can train anytime with personal service and save transport at your home, with your immediate family of (1 / 2/ 3 /4/ pax + 1dog) with a nett fee without buy unnecessary things but not 1 trainer to 1handler + 1 dog where you are told to buy unnecessary things!
9. Here 2 professional & qualify services to help you on your dog’s problem(s) like obedience, behavioral, health and food advise!
10. Over here, trainer will handle your dog personally to train first but to most trainers or so call dog behaviorist will only talk to you throughout the whole lesson without touching your dog, the charges is from $120 to $150/hour!
11. We train base on individual dog problem(s) and toilet training is according to your lifestyle and structure of your house but "not one solution only" to solve all kind of problems!
12. Compare to what we train and really commit for the after training service, we dare to say, “we are one and only in the market” that provide the above mention services with a very reasonable fee!

*** Your after training & follow up time, is more than your existing lessons! (most trainers will ignore you or told you to ask question only during the lessons or immediately after class finish)


2018 Greeting (Netherlands)
Doody Golden Retriever was trained here ins Singapore during puppy
now already 12 years old at Netherlands!金毛猎犬

公幼犬  日新犬舍   狐狸狗 Japanese Spitz
Snowy 9 months old Japanese Spitz take up 2 days Home Puppy Interactive! 
Our dogs training services goes beyond Obedience & Behavioural training!
For this course you will be saving $$$$ for monthly basic grooming ($35-75 per trip) & unlimited followup when dog has "problems" save $$$ visiting the vet ($120- $250 per visit)!
What our customers reviews is "learn alot" , "many tips".... value for money!
Our training is 2 professional service to your family (1/ 2 / 3/ 4 pax + 1 dog) at 1 nett price !
Those whom knows how to calculate base on:
"Training Fee" - Transport for two trip to your home($60 to $80) ÷ (1/ 2 / 3/ 4 pax + 1 dog) = $?? /pax
$?? /pax + "Number of training hours" = $ ?? per hour (exclude unlimited followup timing)
(Market rate is $120 to $150/hour, where some trainers don't even touch your dog just only give advice!)
** Our training fee is already the cheapest in the market, for what we trained & how we service you!

黄金猎犬 金毛狗 Golden Retriever
Kara 3 months old Golden Retriever take up 2 days Home Puppy Interactive Training recommended by Jonathan that has 2 dogs trained by us before!
Our training services goes beyond Obedience & Behavioral training!
(Gives your puppy a good foundation with the right training and control it before problem(s) turns bad)

Beside paying for the actual course, owner pay extra 1 visit to make sure what they should do & check before bringing Kara home! 
That's why owners don't face too much problem and stress!
Owner's feedback when after 1st lesson and we left!

Zorro 3 months+ Siberian Husky take up the 2 days Home Puppy Interactive training! 
Problems: toilet training, likes to jump and bite owners and very hyperactive!